Hi-Def Rabbit Ears! They Work!

After seeing several news stories about getting Hi-Def and digital broadcast freely over the airwaves, my husband bought us a pair of rabbit ears to try it out.  It works!  We get analog channels, digital channels, and hi-def channels though the antennae.  Unfortunately, there is not much choice yet.  PBS comes in really well as well as some second tier networks, however we are only able to sometimes get NBC and we are not able to pick-up any of the ABC, CBS, or Fox channels.  Since we don’t watch much network TV, this isn’t too upsetting.  PBS comes in beautifully and we have already enjoyed a couple of episodes of Nature, some random documentaries, and a travel show – and then the “Antique Road Show” came on and it was back to anime …


Speaking of anime, we found a “sleeper” called “Towards the Terra.”  At first this show seemed like another show about a whiny brat who gets trusts into a role he doesn’t want – which it was for the first episode.  But then it turns out that the main character is quite scrappy and has enough power to possibly destroy a planet.  In the 4 and 5 th episodes he has a raging tantrum that had me and my husband rolling in our seats.  Nice … anyhow, they’ve brought in the parallel story of the “enemy” and it’s nice to see the mirroring of the two stories.  I wonder how they will intersect.


“Romeo X Juliet” just keeps getting better.  Watch it!  (Baka-Updates or Animesuki)


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