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My Sheep

I was finally able to tear myself away from “Warhammer” long enough to finish up my sheep.  I experimented with adding and manipulating anchor points to add some detail to the legs.  I blurred the fur to make the sheep look soft and fluffy in contrast to his horns.  Because this is an abstraction, I have left off the ears, hoping instead that the horns imply ears.  So here the sheep is:


Sheep Progress

I worked some more on the sheep body and face tonight.  I want to give the sheep a pink muzzle, but I can’t see the shape clearly in my mind yet.  I also put in a place holder for the eye.  I will also create a forward facing head too.  Tomorrow I will spend some time refining the legs and hopefully finish the muzzle — oh, and add ears.  Here’s what the sheep looks like today.  I used lots of circles to build the bumpy fur.  I also found some references on Google images to help me with head placement.  My sheep is kinda plump, but I like it that way.

Yikes, there’s a dangling construction piece!  Mr. Kuroneko003 says the horns look like a football helmet.  I think they are cute even though real sheep don’t have such prominent horns.  But it’s my sheep, so it has big pastry-like horns!  Bleeh!  I am also thinking about doing a chocolate brown recolor.  I’m always amazed at the fair how nice the chocolate brown sheep’s fur is.  It looks very rich and extra warm.


I am determined to make a sheep because they are so cute.  Here’s my start:

I spent a lot of time on his body this afternoon.  I will work on his face tomorrow and then the legs, and then I will see what magic I can work to give his fur depth.  Then I will animate him.  Sheep!!!  So cute!!!