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I’ve been using the social networking features on the Fandango website to log my movie reviews.  It’s convenient because they provide reminders to write a review the day after I’ve seen the movie.  I also like the way the editor is presented because it encourages me to keep in short and to the point.  For readers, it’s nice because the full power of Fandango is behind this log, so readers can get more information about the movie, read other viewers opinions, and purchase movie tickets.  Here’s a link to my movie review log and I have also put a link in the sidebar of this blog.


Use The Force Jim — The New Star Trek

So James T. Kirk grew up on Tatooine (err… Iowa) without a father and gets involved in a bar brawl on Tatooine … sorry Iowa.  Spock is made to watch his home planet of Alderran … err Vulcan destroyed.  Kirk ends up on the Ice planet of Hoth …err the ice planet of Vega where he almost becomes a meal to a yeti like creature and a ton-ton …err … an ice lizard before ending up in an ice cave (Use The Force Jim).  And Scotty’s assistant is a pissed off Ewok (Finally, Ewoks done right — pissed off and yelled at by a surly Scottsmen).  Hmm … Anybody else notice the mixing of lores? Hahaha!!!

Well, I disconnected myself from Star Trek purity found the new Star Trek movie was quite enjoyable.  I especially liked the comedy duo of Kirk and McCoy — CLASSIC.     All of our favorite characters were revived and refreshed for a new generation in an action packed alternate universe (literally).  If you are a Star Trek purist I recommend you stay away from this movie because it will break your heart.  If you can let go of nolstalgia and enjoy the movie for what it is, then you will enjoy it greatly.

Movie Review: Batman — The Dark Knight

My husband and I went to the midnight showing of this movie at our local movie theater. Waiting in line was lots of fun. There were some people in costume and in general there was light party atmosphere. I imagine until the winter holidays that this is the last movie coming out that is worth going to the midnight show.

First all let me say that this an excellent movie and probably the best movie I’ve seen so far this year. Continue reading Movie Review: Batman — The Dark Knight

Finally, The Summer Movie Season Begins

Like Christmas promotions, it seems like the summer movie season tries to start earlier and earlier every year. This year was no exception, however, the movies offered early to the public were pretty lackluster. Prior to last weekend, I’d seen the Indiana Jones movie and “Don’t Mess with Zohan.” I didn’t like the Indiana Jones movie and “Zohan,” though hilarious and good use of $11 and 2-hours, lacked the “BOOM” I look for in a good summer movie. I’m happy to say, though, this 4th of July week finally offers movies worthy of being called “Summer Blockbusters.”

Last weekend I had the pleasure of viewing “Wanted” and “Wall-E.” Continue reading Finally, The Summer Movie Season Begins