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Dell’s 12-in Netbook

Here’s a preview from the folks at Crave.  The styling looks like nothing special, but I do like the 12-in size.  I am one of those people who complain that anything below ~11-in is too small to see and to type on.  I would like it, though, if the little PC had some charming styling cues — something that would make me say “this laptop is adorable.”  (I’m still craving somthing reminencent of a stylish or a fun purse.)  This looks very utilitarian.  As for the specs and the price, it sounds decent for a travel laptop.


iPhone: Consequences of not Updating

My phone has been dead for two days.  At first I thought the cellular networks were jammed with people freaking out, but it turns out that my iPhone was deactivated because I had not updated it via iTunes.  I shudder to think about what could have happened if I were on vacation without a computer to synch the phone up with iTunes.  Again … I hate iTunes or maybe this time I hate Apple.  I still love my iPhone, though.

Continuing on this theme of IT — I got a new mouse.  It’s pink and it works (no way Mr. Kuroneko003 will touch this mouse).  I threw the old mouse in the electronics recycling bin at my local Best Buy.  They also have a bin to throw old batteries in.  Yay!  I had a sack of them in the kitchen.  Then I bought a copy of “Iron Man” on Blu-Ray.  Um … the Blu-Ray software that came with my laptop didn’t seem well integrated.  It took about 10-mins for the disc to load and then once it loaded it would not accept mouse input.  I don’t know if it is the player software or some really bad Flash programming that’s behind that fun.  Either way I was mildly annoyed.  Now that I know, I guess I’ll be driving with my keyboard — or perhaps I’m supposed to be using the little remote that came with the computer and/or the DVD player buttons on the laptop itself.  Still, I should be able to mouse through the DVD menu!!!  AUGH!!!!  I also don’t appreciate how HP has integrated itself into the DVD player software.  I uninstalled and bought upgraded software using the link given by HP.  I didn’t think that it would still be HP badged/tainted.  AUGH!!!

Voodoo Excitement

There’s a lot going on at Voodoo. A retail version of the Blackbird 002 will be available soon at an electronics store near you and there are exciting new details about the new “Envy” and “Omen” lines of Voodoo branded laptops and PCs. I’m bouncing off the walls! (BTW: Crave is calling the new “Envy” the “Mac Airbook Killer” — YESSS!!!) I can’t wait to see what successive generations of the HP with Voodoo DNA products look like. I would love to see a laptop from the HP/Voodoo brand and I would love to see either a laptop or a PC or both that is geared toward those progressive folks that download all or most of their entertainment. This would include hardware and software for viewing and displaying hi-def video files and software to optimize the download experience by helping to identify legal content from legal sources and providing an easy system to keep downloaded content organized. I’d love to have a home server add-on that is specialized for legal content download so that the main households computers aren’t bogged down with download activities. SQUEALZ when I think about it. After all, gaming and anime often go together, so gimme the good stuff and make it easy!

Here are some links to some recent info about HP and Voodoo

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Eye Catching HP Laptop

Oooo, shiny and pretty too.   I definitely like this one.  It does need a matching mouse and carrying case.  I wonder, though, does a finish like this require special treatment — bag liner– to prevent damage to the graphic on the lid.

This is a laptop from HP?

(Credit: ChipChick)

If we didn’t know better, we might think that some of the marketing people at Hewlett-Packard had discovered some new recreational activities. It started off simple enough, with a mildly interesting design for a new Bluetooth mouse. Then the “Clay” laptop was a little weird, but we thought it just wasn’t our taste.

But its latest offering is about as subtle as a Peter Max litho. The “HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition” laptop bears the work of a Portuguese artist who won a global design competition held jointly by MTV and the traditionally staid computer maker, ChipChick says.

The specs of this 14.1-inch are fairly standard, but that’s obviously not the selling point. What’s probably just as important to potential buyers is that it comes with a matching messenger bag–because if you’re drawn to a design like this, the last thing you want to do is hide it.

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