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A Good Game is a Good Game …

Even if it is an ad.  Well, duh!  Here’s a link to an article about how advertisers are having success reaching gamers with their messaging through compelling video games.  I’ve come around to the side of liking this type of advertisement.   If the product or ad feels natural in its setting, then it will be affective and possibly liked by potential customers.  The advertiser is meeting a need or somehow delighting a customer which is all good for everyone involved.

I do like the warning in the this article about creating a bad experience.  I imagine a poorly executed game could cause gamers to lose all respect for a brand.  This is tough, because gamers are a communicative bunch, so both good recommendation and bad recommendations travel fast and broadly.  It’s also tough to keep on the cutting edge of “gamer cool”.

Thinking on the recent ads for WOW, I’m not sure as a gamer I like the idea of folks like Shatner being a part of that world.  Perhaps it’s cool for the boomer crowd … okay, it could be cool if there was a custom Shat character that used Capt. Kirk’s hand-to-hand combat fighting style.  I could get into that!  That would be so surreal and hilarious!


Tried WOW, Now Trying Warhammer

I finally decided to try playing World of Warcraft and I didn’t like it.  I made a female Paladin and set off for adventure.  So basically you walk up to something and right-click on them and sit back as your character and the opponent whack at each other.  Okay … so then I leveled up some and there seemed to be no way to manage my character’s development.  My husband informed me that character development doesn’t come into gameplay until I reach the 10th level and that until then the game is teaching me the interface.  Sigh … give me a break!

So, I’ve decided to try the new MMORPG on the block, Warhammer Online.  It’s slowly downloading after several attempts.  It turns out that you have to turn off all other background processes before the downloader will work … sigh … +10GB … sigh … it should be done sometime this afternoon, barring any freezes of the downloader or our internet connection.