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Disney XD Replaces Toon Disney Today

Here’s a link to an article about it.

I imagine XD stands for “Extreme Disney” + the XD emoticon which can express extreme happiness or sarcasm (XD …) — I’m not sure whether Disney was being clever or stupid when considering XD with regards to its most current pop culture meaning.  My guess is that they are completely clueless about the emoticon “XD” …

So … a network aimed at 6 -14-yr old boys … hmm… what comes to mind to me?  Anime, more anime, and still more anime, the latest in video games, Ninja Warrior, the extreme sports videos played at Islands Restaurants, packed in with yet more anime.   Disney better have a gundam anime, a “Naruto” clone and a “Bleach” clone in their programming if they hope to even have a chance with any boy over the age of 8.  Geez, …, and forget even overtly having music stars (what’s with the Beastie Boys?  They were in when I was a teen and I’m now pushing 35).   Oh, and drop the “Disney” branding because no self-respecting male over the age of 8 wants to be associated in *ANY* way with “Disney”.   What’s described in the article sounds to me like another channel aimed at ‘tween girls.  Good luck Disney! and go watch some shonen anime and read some shonen manga for goodness sakes … XD


…psst … here are some clues in order from entertaining the youngest to the oldest boys:

  • Whatever the latest Power Ranger and Pokemon incarnation is
  • Naruto/ One Piece
  • Bleach
  • Death Note

Other suggestions:

  • Find 16-ish version of Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb of the G4 Network to host a video game show (nothing is as sweet to a tween boy as a cute gamer girl to crush on).
  • Scour Asia for a teen version of Ninja Warrior — DO NOT try to make an American version.  Americans, believe it or not, are too reserved  to create genuine moments like those in “Ninja Warrior”
  • Shamelessly copy from multiple networks (Nick, G4, FuelTV …)  if you have to because no one has put together a coherent and integrated offering on TV for American boys yet.
  • Save the sports for ESPN

Legit Streaming Anime on Crunchyroll

It’s about time the networks in Japan got a clue and started offering the latest anime series to folks outside of Japan. Beginning January 8th, Japan TV will begin streaming English subtitled episodes of Naruto via the Crunchyroll website. Users will have to subscribe to the show or wait 7-days after the episode airs in Japan to watch it for free. Here’s a blog posting with more information about this and other progress made in the world of on-demand anime.  In general, it looks like Crunchyroll is going legit.  Congratulations Crunchyroll!  I wish them a lot of success and I cheer on people like them who push forward in on-demand digital entertainment in the face of media companies that are slow on the pick-up.

Here’s a link to an earlier posting I did on Crunchyroll.

Code Geass: The Lelouch Rebellion

Awesome! Go watch it! Watch in it’s original Japanese with subtitles! My life is empty now that Lelouch is over. This is definitely one of the best TV shows EVER!

This is a continuation of Code Geass: The Lelouch Rebellion. I don’t want to give much away, but I’ll say the shocking moments continue as everything goes to heck very quickly. The last 5-minutes will make you cry as everyone realizes what has happened. So good!!! Watch this anime! Both seasons!

Here’s what I had to say about the first season. Link.

Kids at the Bookstore Talking About Anime

I was at the bookstore the other night looking for something new to read when I heard a pack of teenagers talking about the anime shows they watch and the fact that they watch them on YouTube.  Huh?  My first thought was why are they doing this.  YouTube is very low quality and you can’t archive the episodes.  My husband who looks down upon on everyone under the age of 24, theorizes that it’s what they know — in other words, “Net Effects.”  He said because they use YouTube, all of their friends use YouTube and they don’t venture to find another solution.  I wonder if this is true.  Anyhow, they were complaining about how difficult it is to find episodes because they are removed very quickly due to copyright enforcement.  I thought this was the generation that was all into the internet and trying new things out.  Wouldn’t some of them have done a search and found other sources than YouTube as well as a bunch of shows other than “Naruto” and “Eureka Seven.”  Personally, I think it has something to do with the transient mindset of the younger set (I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this concept) in that they want instant gratification and once satisfied they throw it away and then move onto the next thing.  They are always in “the now” and they do their best stay in the now with all of their associates.  I remember being very much this way in high school and college.  At one point I decided to discard my teenage years entirely and burned all my letters and photographs.  Now that I’m older, I wish I hadn’t done that, but at the time, “now” seemed very important and the past was holding me back.  Perhaps it’s the same mentality.  You know, teenagers remaking themselves daily or maybe even by the minute, leaving no record until they settle on a “self.”  It’s very 15-mins-of-fame and in that respect very “YouTube.”

I’m not sold into the idea, yet, that vast majority of millenials are very net-savvy.  My brother, who is 23, was blown away by the vast treasure trove of anime I had carefully archived and when he comes over to my house he basically raids my collection and binges on anime for the entirety of his vacations.  I was surprised that he had seen less anime than I had … Sigh … Anyhow, I’m constantly on the prowl for new anime and manga and I will consume the media in any media I can be it analog, digital, electronic, or printed.  I wonder whether it is age or depth of interest that makes the difference with regard to this.