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Sneak Peek at New Omari’s Sister Home Page

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new Omari’s Sister home page will look like.


Here’s a link to a bigger image.

The background images were made in Illustrator and I put everything together in Fireworks.  The image is a composite of components I drew in Illustrator and elements I purchased.

I will start making the actual images and coding tomorrow.


Here’s a bee I drew tonight.  My favorite part about creating this drawing was forming the long legs complete with “pollen baskets.”   The pollen coating looks a lot like fat socks.  I think they makes the bee look very cute.  I also like the way the wings turned out.  They look very delicate.  Again, I put this drawing on a background so the black details show.


Ladybug 2

Adobe Illustrator doesn’t provide a tool to create perspective.  It seems like it should be a hard thing since people have been hand drafting perspective for years.  I tried dinking with the mesh tool, but that made a serious mess, so that left me with no choice but to draw in perspective.  It’s not much but it will do in a pinch.   I, also, did some changes to the drawing to make it a little closer to a lady bug.  So here it is:


Here with special effects: