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Sneak Peek at New Omari’s Sister Home Page

Here’s a sneak peek at what the new Omari’s Sister home page will look like.


Here’s a link to a bigger image.

The background images were made in Illustrator and I put everything together in Fireworks.  The image is a composite of components I drew in Illustrator and elements I purchased.

I will start making the actual images and coding tomorrow.

Omari’s Sister Translations is Live

Omari’s Sister Translations is live at:


I have only posted the chapters 4 and 5 of “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen.”  I will post chapter 6 tomorrow and chapter 7 later.  I’m currently in the process of translating chapter 8 (I’ve been slowed by putting up the website — hahaha!).

Anyhow, I got to play around with some Javascript.  I used a modified version of the 3-state button code from the Negrino and Smith Javascript book and I did fierce battle with the tabbed panel script that comes with Dreamweaver.  I started playing around with a drop down menu for the chapter selection, but I decided that wasn’t necessary and went with links in the right side secondary menu column.  I felt it was better to get to the point, rather than have the user hunt around the UI looking for a way to read the chapter they want.  Yep … I had to remind myself to keep it simple.

Next is the tough part because I have to do specific page layout styles to fulfill the assignment requirements.  The current website uses a hybrid style.  I still have to make a page in which everything is liquid and one that is completely fixed.  My feeling is that form follows function so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about matching functions for those forms.  I think for the liquid layout I will modify an existing page for mobile devices.  This makes sense to me because you don’t know how the different mobile browsers will render the page, so if it done as a liquid layout, the page will fill the width given.  As for the fixed, the only thing that comes to mind is a “print friendly” page.  So … whoo-hoo!  A “print friendly” might be a good opportunity to play with PHP … hmmm …

Anyhow, check it out.  I like the way it turned out :).

Lovely Items

“Lovely Items” is a concept that I got from years of watching anime and reading manga.  It’s the idea that a character needs a lovely item to endear them to the other characters within the story and with the viewing audience.  There’s a good discussion of this in “Ouran High School Host Club” in which the Host club tries to make the son of a yakuza boss more approachable.   The idea of a lovely item can be as abstract as a personality quirk and as concrete as a signature piece of jewelry.   In essence, a lovely item is something that gives an object or and individual a distinct personality and facilitates approachability.   And so, that is what I want to do with my Lovely Items website.  I want to share the lovely little graphics that I make with who ever wants them so they can add some personality and friendliness to whatever web or print project they are doing.

This idea was born out of a little discussion I had with my Dad last week.  I had just finished redoing my personal website and I was feeling very empowered.  I wanted to do more work on websites and expressed to him that I’m willing to do it voluntarily for the experience.  Our concern, though, had to do with my “cute affliction” in that if I can’t get passed it, the range of customers I can design for will be limited.  My feeling is practice, practice … but at the same time, I should get the most out my cute affliction and develop it.  So here are some short term and long term goals for myself with this website:

  1. Give away lovely graphic items I design for web and print (practice makes perfect and spread the joy while building a portfolio and credibility as a designer).
  2. Do some voluntary design work — web, print, and vanity books to get experience and recognition
  3. On a limited basis take on web, print, and vanity book projects for actual paying customers.

This is something that I would like to do on the side while having full-time career.  I figured that now while I’m looking for a job and while jobs are scarce I should use the time to learn new skills and develop my innate talents.  I would love to do this sort of thing, too, for a company, focusing on the usability and visual appeal of web, web-to-print, and print-to-web projects.

So please stay tuned as my Lovely Items adventure begins.  One of my good friends suggested that I start by making some lovely wallpapers for mobile devices like the iPhone and cell phones … :).

www.lovely-items.com coming soon to bring loveliness one pixel at a time.

Omari’s Sister Website Update Done

Well, I finally did it!  I completely re-did my personal website.  I used Dreamweaver and all the fancy new tricks I just learned in the class I am taking.  I also learned how to use the new Adobe website tool, “Fireworks.”  It’s a tool that should be apart of Dreamweaver that can be used to mock up website graphics really fast.  Other tools I used were Illustrator for the title graphics and the flowers in the menu bar, Flash to generate the graphics for the menu and to create all of the galleries, and Fireworks for the content graphics.  I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out :).  I’m so proud of myself.  I feel now I can take on any personal or small business advertising website design assignment.  Now onto expanding my knowledge of javascript and some server side scripting so I can start putting together more complete solutions.  Anyhow, check it out!


Snowball’S World is Live

Check it out!  It took me a total of ~12-hours from blank sheet of paper to website.  Most of the time was spent prepping the photos in Photoshop.  I had to fix the color, crop them, crank down the resolution, and resize the images to fit within the browser window and to reduce the overall file sizes.  I also did a little “magic” to some of the pictures.  Since this was part of an assignment, I had to do some goofy things I wouldn’t do  like use tables.  I’ve very pleased with the way it turned out given the boundaries of the assignment.   (I’m so glad I know Flash!!!)   Here’s a link.  Enjoy getting to know my guinea better and some more of my incessant cuteness.

Monster.com Website Update — Stinker …

Monster.com has updated its website and it now drives me NUTZ!!!  It’s too interactive, to the point I can barely use it and I don’t know what I’ve done with the web interface until I recieve a confirmation e-mail.  It suffers from having too many notes.  Here’s what isn’t working for me:

  1. When I browse the list of jobs that have resulted from my search, as I move my mouse pointer over the job, a worthless job description covers the viewport obscuring the other jobs.  This wouldn’t be bad if I didn’t have to click the close button on the description, which is especially annoying because I didn’t click on the job to read the description in the first place.  I was using my mouse to guide my eye over the long list of jobs.
  2. The pop-up job descriptions are useless.  I imagine this is do to the job seeker putting useless stuff in the job description.  I want to know the major duties, the job level, the key skills, the job location, and the pay range.
  3. There seems to be no way to upload an update of an existing resume.  When I cut and pasted directly from Word, the text became corrupted with a bunch of junk that is usually hidden in a Word file.
  4. When filling out information to create or update a profile, the user has to save each section separately.  The problem is that several sections are presented on one webpage or tab webpage, so it’s natural to think that the save at the bottom of the page will save everything on that page or tabbed page.  When the user does this, the user gets an error and is asked if they want to continue.  I thought this meant to go back to fix the error so I clicked “ok” which caused me to lose all the changes I made and because I was popped back out to my profile home page, I wouldn’t have known that my changes didn’t stick unless I went back to check my profile.
  5. Every field tries to auto fill by popping up a little window next to the entry field.  It’s distracting and none of the auto fill options matched what I was entering.
  6. The pop-ups, in general, make reading the site very difficult.  The pages are densely packed with information, so I use my pointer to guide my eye.  Because of the interactivity, putting the mouse anywhere in the viewport causing something to pop-up.  It broke my attention and because I didn’t actually click to activate the pop-up, I didn’t feel in control of the experience.

Yeeks!!!  I hope they dial is down soon because “slick” doesn’t mean everything is interactive.  I got the impression that they went for “more” rather than really thinking about how users use the website and using interactivity to really enhance the experience of using the website.  It’s kinda embarrasing.

Flash Assignment #4: Interactive Flash Website

Okay, here it is.  Due to the constraints of the assignment, I had to add sound and animation.  Without those requirements, I wouldn’t have added the bee’s movement or the butterfly noise — I think that stuff is a little much.  Some of the pages are blank because they aren’t planned yet.  I’m also impressed that with all the stuff going on, the file is only 70KB!   Enjoy!