I’m still buying music CD’s

It’s May and two of my favorite recording artists, Bjork and Nine Inch Nails, released albums this month.  I first found out about the new releases when I was sent messages about them from iTunes and when they appeared on my recommendation list on Amazon.  I listened to the 30-sec previews of songs on the album on iTunes, but I ended up purchasing the CD’s rather than downloading thme.  I purchased Bjork’s from a brick-and-mortar book/music store and NIN from Amazon.


So why didn’t I do what the cool kids do and purchase the albums on iTunes?  Because I can’t burn the songs onto a CD so I can listen to them in my car.  Ah, iTunes DRM … it completely violates the mantra “my music, my way, anywhere I want it.”  Additionally, anybody who frequently uses their computer has experienced the pain of hard disk failure.  I’m rather hard on my computers, so I really don’t trust the integrity of my hard drives. 


In my purchases, this time, I noticed the albums’ packaging included some features that can’t be enjoyed without buying the CD.  The Bjork “Volta” CD has interesting shiny packaging that is like opening a little gift.  Inside there is the CD and a little book with pictures and lyrics.  I actually felt a little guilty breaking the seal on such a shiny red surface – it’s so pretty.  The NIN CD has provocative packing suggesting that listening to their/his CD is anti-Bush.  The CD itself is printed with thermal sensitive ink, so after you play it the matte black paint on the CD disappears revealing the title and credits on a creamy background.  I found this quite humorous.  I imagine a lot of CD’s have similar gimmicks to combat online music stores and downloading.


Anyhow, once I got the CD’s home, I immediately ripped them onto my iPod and then slipped them into the CD changer in my car.  Happiness …


I have downloaded some songs from iTunes, but only songs from albums that don’t have enough good songs on them to make them worth buying, songs that I consider poppy throw-aways that, for whatever reason, have caught my attention and but I can’t admit to liking, or, lastly, the album is out of print and the only place I can get the music is through a download.


I’m eagerly awaiting DRM free online music so I can download and do whatever I want to with the music I buy.  I imagine I will continue to buy CD’s from my favorite artists or buy CD’s that have special features that enhance the experience of the CD.


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