DS Lite Enables Interactivity at Baseball Games

This is really cool!  I imagine the pilot program is a success because lots of kids (and some adults too — including myself) have the Nintendo DS or DS Lite device.  This kind of application really shows the power of having a small wireless entertainment device.  An added advantage to DS and DS Lite proliferation is the cost, which is around $129, which is pretty cheap for a hand held wireless device.  I think it would be neat to have more interactivity like this in other places besides the baseball field, like theme parks and museums.  Can you imagine having additional information about an exhibit available to you or your child through their DS?  They could take the info home via the DS.  Or maybe content specific gaming (aka targeted ads) at various attractions — like a maybe a theme park ride sponsor’s mini-game or “entertainment” available while waiting in que for the ride.



Movie Review: Die Hard 4.0

Willis!!! Who gave Homer Simpson a gun? Doh! This is worst movie I’ve seen this year. The movie breaks down this way: Crusty and computer illiterate Baby Boomer (Willis) teams up with Gen Y wimpy whiner (Apple Boy) to kick amoral well-dressed egoist gen X ‘s(villain) behind. As you know, all of today’s woes are due to Gen X … blah, blah, blah, a pox upon Gen X … but I digress. There isn’t much of plot, and what plot they had going is undermined by inconsistencies within the scenarios and techno-babble of the highest grade of nonsense I’ve heard in a while. I also wasn’t too fond of the generally negative position taken on the USA and its citizens.  The undertones of and the stereotypes in this movie deeply offended me as an American and as a hopeful person. Anyhow, the action was good, although completely implausible and against the physical laws of the universe. But then again, when physics makes no sense, use your force of will. This is the McClane Doctrine and ultimately the lesson Gen Y must learn. Technology, math, and reason are bad. The way of truth and good are gained through brute force and man’s will.  Sigh … what a sad, sad, movie. I give this 1/5. 1 point for good action (if you can suspend disbelief) and Bruce Willis’ indestructible body and bald head. Long live Willis!

Movie Review: Transformers

This is 2-hours of the finest giant robot fun on the planet! “Transformers” the movie doesn’t have much of plot and it really doesn’t need one due to its mighty-fine robots and some spectacular special effects. The story is pretty simple: good and evil robots land on Earth and fight to bring a conclusion to their robot war. The robots are agile and clever, and each has their own personality. They are socially awkward, inpatient, and generally act like otakus in high tech gundams suits. The war and fight scenes are riveting and inspired much glee in my husband and myself. We pinched and slapped each other silly. Ahhh, … and then there are the blatant product placements in the movie. GM is sadly hoping this will make us lust after GM cars. Unfortunately, all I lust for after seeing this movie is for some cool toys. There’s big HP, Apple, Nokia, and Panasonic product placements to recall a few. Watch for the cool little guy that transforms into small personal gadgets. He’s quite cutely mischievous. Oh, and lastly, who wouldn’t want to see giant robots destroy LA! WHEEE! I give this movie 4/5 for some mighty fine robots and the destruction of Wilshire Blvd. Fanboys everywhere rejoice!