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My Thoughts on “The Last Jedi”

I’m very worried about writing this post because so many people are angry at “The Last Jedi” and angry at anybody who criticizes “The Last Jedi”.  Hopefully I’m just relaying my thoughts to the few people who follow my Twitter and therefore I won’t receive any destructive comments.

Anyhow, here it goes. There were moments in “The Last Jedi” that I absolutely loved only to see the possibilities presented in those moments thrown away by the end of the movie. Just to get it out of the way, I loved the parts of the movie that did not include the space battles and the casino. I thought the casino was a great concept that should have been a separate side movie like “Rogue One”.

Here’s what I love:

  1. Cranky Luke training Rey while hearing the story of what happened with Kylo Ren.
  2. Rey and Kylo Ren secretly building a relationship through force chatting.
  3. Rey exploring both the dark and light side of herself with Luke as her guide and mentor.
  4. Rey and Kylo Ren coming together to take down Snoke and then Kylo suggesting that he and Rey team up to destroy the First Order and the Resistance.
  5. Finn and Rose finding out that arms dealers were supplying both the First Order and the Resistance for profit. (Just that understanding, but it didn’t need a 30 minute casino detour to get there.)

I wanted more of all of this. These parts of the story showed the possibility for a wonderful episode 8 leading into an episode 9 that wouldn’t have been about the First Order versus the Resistance, but instead a story that could have gotten to the root of why there’s a galactic war in the first place and an explanation for the demise of both the Jedi and the Sith.

Now to outline my hopes being crushed. When Kylo and Rey finally get together, I thought the story was going to go sword and sheathe when Kylo suggested, after doing glorious battle together, that they team up and destroy the past. Rey should have gone with Ben (since he would have dropped that Sith BS) to rein in Kylo’s power and shape his ambitions, and Finn should have come along to support Rey and temper her expectations for Kylo. (King, Queen, and the Queen’s Knight — I love that shit!) I was in love with the idea of throwing away the First Order and the Resistance, especially after Finn and Rose found out arms dealers were supplying both sides. I thought at that moment in the Red Room, episode 9 would be about the force-pair taking down the true evil behind the perpetual galactic war. This would have led to the real reason for the demise of the Jedi and Sith — technology. The Jedi and Sith were yen and yang (peace makers and enforcers) to keep order in the galaxy until some folks decided to pit them against each other and against non-force users for profit. Technology, which leveled the field for non-force users, arose to replace the force users as the galactic power and peace broker. The bones were there for that story and it would have tied in the prequels while leaving plenty of room for stories before episode 1 and after episode 9. But all of that was thrown away. That is why I have no interest in episode 9. I don’t know what Kylo Ren and Rey’s motivations are now. No one answered the call of the Resistance, so now what? The First Order won. Game over.

Ultimately, this leaves me on the side of the people who want this movie removed from canon. Yes, the good parts were good, but as a complete movie, it killed Star Wars. There’s no where left to go and nothing that happens before episode 8 matters, because it was all thrown away in episode 8.


Check out My Movie Reviews

I’ve been using the social networking features on the Fandango website to log my movie reviews.  It’s convenient because they provide reminders to write a review the day after I’ve seen the movie.  I also like the way the editor is presented because it encourages me to keep in short and to the point.  For readers, it’s nice because the full power of Fandango is behind this log, so readers can get more information about the movie, read other viewers opinions, and purchase movie tickets.  Here’s a link to my movie review log and I have also put a link in the sidebar of this blog.

Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

The new Terminator movie is one of the best video games I’ve never played.  This movie is wall-to-wall action with lots of guns, little robots, big robots, and hand-to-hand combat.  As for the acting, Christian Bale plays “Batman” and everyone, the scenery, and camera style seem imported from the new “Battlestar Galactica.”    Actually, a lot of this movie seemed imported from a few recent movies, TV shows, and video games (I also got a vague sense of “Halo” from this movie).  I thought the end was pretty jacked up because I would have liked the character that dies to continue on.   Geez … it’s rather handy to have someone who can hack into Skynet without becoming part of Skynet … Oh well, whatever … My feeling is that this movie fits in with the first two movies.  The third movie was a stinker, so I don’t count it as a Terminator movie.    Suspending reality, though, I have to say I really enjoyed this movie for what it was and I recommend it as a good summer action movie.

Movies Kuroneko003 is anticipating — “Harry Potter 6”, “Bruno” (from that “Borat” guy — the theater was giddy with laughter during the preview), “Sherlock Holmes” (starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law — Hellz YEAH!!!  Both of those guys get better with age), and “The Hangover.”

Use The Force Jim — The New Star Trek

So James T. Kirk grew up on Tatooine (err… Iowa) without a father and gets involved in a bar brawl on Tatooine … sorry Iowa.  Spock is made to watch his home planet of Alderran … err Vulcan destroyed.  Kirk ends up on the Ice planet of Hoth …err the ice planet of Vega where he almost becomes a meal to a yeti like creature and a ton-ton …err … an ice lizard before ending up in an ice cave (Use The Force Jim).  And Scotty’s assistant is a pissed off Ewok (Finally, Ewoks done right — pissed off and yelled at by a surly Scottsmen).  Hmm … Anybody else notice the mixing of lores? Hahaha!!!

Well, I disconnected myself from Star Trek purity found the new Star Trek movie was quite enjoyable.  I especially liked the comedy duo of Kirk and McCoy — CLASSIC.     All of our favorite characters were revived and refreshed for a new generation in an action packed alternate universe (literally).  If you are a Star Trek purist I recommend you stay away from this movie because it will break your heart.  If you can let go of nolstalgia and enjoy the movie for what it is, then you will enjoy it greatly.

Movie Review: Watchmen

The movie “Watchmen” is a pretty rambling mess. I didn’t read the graphic novel, but I understand that it’s long and rambly too (which is why I didn’t read it) and that there is simply too much content to try to shove into a movie. Still, though, I felt there was about an hour of film that could have been left on the editing floor — in particular, most of the prison scene and the gratuitous full nude sex scene. I will give the movie credit for being really pretty and recommend it only for that. Also, the overall story is a very good moral tale that reminded me of “Code Geass: The Lelouch Rebellion”

Now some warnings to anyone thinking of taking their kids to this movie:

  • The gore this movie is very intense in terms of content and theme. There were scenes in this movie that made me nauseous.
  • There is gratuitous full nude sex scene in this movie
  • Dr. Manhattan walks around without his undies A LOT, so there a rendered full frontal shoots of him and his man parts.

I’m surprised this movie wasn’t rated NC17.