Toshiba TV Moves Closer to Digital Convergence

A new Toshiba TV includes an ethernet port so the TV can be added to a home network.  It still doesn’t have enough smarts to be a client, but it’s getting there.  Toshiba, though is fortunate because it can proliferate this kind of technology and TV experience due to it being a recognized TV brand.  In this way I feel bad for our chances in this space because no matter how much we innovate with connected TVs, we don’t have any market penetration, so nobody knows.  In some ways, I think it would be better if we provided some PC guts to be integrated into TV’s so all brands can offer a “Smart TV.”  Of course, it would be quite a feat to get a deal like this with a Japanese or Korean TV manufacturer — or course there are always indirect routes if we haven’t burned those content and colorant bridges yet.  Let’s not forget the fingers we deal with belong to the bodies of much larger conglomerates.