Getting User Generate Content Through Contests

Blurb announced a photobook contest this week.  This is a good way to drum up business if some authors want to PRINT those photo books, as well as get more user generated content to fill their online store, so reader can PRINT those photobooks.  

Here’s the e-mail announcement I was sent:

Be a part of the modern photography book movement.
Photography Books
Photography.Book.Now celebrates the most creative, most innovative, and finest photography books – and the people behind them. Enter this international juried photography book competition and compete for worldwide recognition and great prizes.

Submit your book here by July 14. The Photography.Book.Now international book competition is juried by a panel of world-renowned editors, publishers, curators, and photographers, led by head judge Darius Himes. This is an opportunity to win the $25,000 Grand Prize or one of many other prizes to be awarded.

Photography books can be entered in two categories, General and Themed. The winners will be showcased at an awards ceremony in San Francisco, and winning books will travel via a salon to New York, London, and Cologne. The books will also have visibility online and at the half-day symposium featuring panels and presentations exploring photography books.

Get more information on the jurors, entry rules, event dates, locations, and prize levels at


Vuze Interface on Azureus Bittorrent Application

I updated Azureus at home to the Vuze interface a couple of weeks ago.  Vuze is a open source platform for the sharing of high definition video content (and more).  The interface is very slick looking with buttons for the various channels and thumbnails of the videos available.  Here’s a picture of the Vuze interface on the Azureus website.  The actually program UI looks very similar.

A new download window is also presented.  It is extremely simplified compared to the previous versions of Azureus.  While “pretty”, I find this view to be useless, so I still use the “advanced” interface to manage my downloads.  BTW:  There is now the ability to download series to specific folders via the RSS feed filter tab.  Yippee!

To be honest, I haven’t fully explored the Vuze yet because there was no programming available that I wanted offered through any of the channels.  Today I see there is some worthy content, so I will take a look and write more on this.  In the mean time, here’s a link to Vuze so you can play with it yourself.