My Newest Vice: “Ninja Warrior”

For kicks, a couple of weeks ago I decided to see what this show “Ninja Warrior” is and to my surprise, I found myself rapt by the incredible stupidity of the concept and greater stupidity of the contestants.  But then there are these compelling moments of brilliance where some super coordinated and athletic men and women do some incredible stunts.  “Ninja Warrior” is a 4-part contest in which 100 constant vie against themselves and the obstacles of “Mt. Midoriyama” (*lol*) in their quest for “total victory”.  The first stage is usually the comedic part where a field of 100 contestants, many in cosplay, clumsily fail in some grand fashion, ending up in muddy water.  The first part usually cuts the field down to less than 10 contestants and then if they get to the last stage, there is usually only one or two contestants left.   The obstacles are really hard to describe, so I won’t even try.  This is truly something you have to watch for yourself.  I have watched so many episodes that I’ve seen many repeat contestants and cheer for them as they try over and over again to complete the course.  What’s most interesting about this show is there appears to be no reward for completing the course other than bragging rights and the contest is not between the contestants, but rather the contestants and the course.  The contestants cheer each on and give advice as contestants go along.  The camaraderie is quite nice!  So, if you have G4 TV and want to watch some great entertainment, I highly recommend this show.  


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