Disney Buys Marvel

Soooo, the business pundits are saying Disney’s answer to entertain for boys is Marvel Comics.  Oh my gosh are the pundits wrongs!  The folks that follow Marvel are well into adulthood and are most likely cringing at today’s news.  I have no idea what Disney plans for Disney XD to capture 6 -12-year old boys.  I do know, though, that the current animated series based on Marvel character are on Adult Swim, meaning they are intended for a male audience 18 and older.  I still maintain that Disney should turn to Shonen anime and extreme sports.

So what do I think Disney is up to?  I think they are grabbing profits from established movie franchises like “Iron Man” and “Spider Man” and putting a lid on the other studios distributing those movies.  But that’s just my humble and largely uninformed opinion …


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