Ethnic Studies

I took ethnic studies in college. Even for me, there were some hard pills to swallow. But I came away from it with a better understanding of the feelings I had toward certain women and resentment I felt towards “model minorities”. The class completely obliterated that resentment. As for the women… let’s just say, “Karen” behavior never surprises me and I’m amused at how their tacit alliance with the police is breaking down.

Does that kind of class need to taught before college? I think it’s a history add-on that doesn’t really have impact until you’ve learned enough history and experienced enough life. I think high school seniors could get something out of ethnic studies. People objecting to this don’t like having their privilege exposed for fear of having that “specialness” taken away. It’s that simple. If someone comes away from ethnic studies hating themselves and the US, then they’ve missed the point and were “unprepared” to take ethnic studies in the first place. The idea is to come away with historical perspective on how your lot in life came to be, and to give students the impetus to make society more equitable. That’s all. It’s part of the be a better human curriculum


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