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Legit Streaming Anime on Crunchyroll

It’s about time the networks in Japan got a clue and started offering the latest anime series to folks outside of Japan. Beginning January 8th, Japan TV will begin streaming English subtitled episodes of Naruto via the Crunchyroll website. Users will have to subscribe to the show or wait 7-days after the episode airs in Japan to watch it for free. Here’s a blog posting with more information about this and other progress made in the world of on-demand anime.  In general, it looks like Crunchyroll is going legit.  Congratulations Crunchyroll!  I wish them a lot of success and I cheer on people like them who push forward in on-demand digital entertainment in the face of media companies that are slow on the pick-up.

Here’s a link to an earlier posting I did on Crunchyroll.