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Microsoft’s Search Rebates

Microsoft continues on, consumed with Google envy (I really don’t get it, so I will continue to stand on the sideline and laugh my behind off). Search rebates is the latest scheme they are trying in the hopes of disrupting Google. Continue reading Microsoft’s Search Rebates

Google Plans to Include Quality into TV Ads

Here’s an interesting story from Ad Age about some technology Google is tinkering with for TV ads.  I actually think I like this idea.  The idea is to include “quality” as a metric and to use that to price advertising.  The proposed quality metric is based on audience retention during an ad, so the more people who watch the ad completely, the cheaper the ad is for the advertiser.  The fewer people who watch, the more costly the ad.  The hope seems to be that unpopular and stale ads would get pulled from the airwaves very quickly.  This will be enabled by two-way communication as viewers watch TV.  The article says that it’s unclear how Google would do this, but I disagree.  Largely, it has do with who Google partners with on the content delivery side.  Two-way communication is possible to get from viewers with cable and DVR’s because those already have two way communication built into them.  The second-to-second aspect is the real problem — but who says you can’t choose a sample of the viewing audience at each second.  Also a viewers viewing information can be cached internally on the hardware and sent up to the service provider or Google at anytime of the day.  As for the viewing audience, my hope is that this of system will get rid of commercial fatigue.  The first two or three times I see an interesting commercial, I will pay attention.  As the commercial is repeated, I lose interest and either do something else while the commercial is on, fast forward through it via TIVO or flip the channel.  It sounds like under the system that Google is proposing as a commercial becomes stale, it will cost the advertiser more to continue to run the commercial, thereby forcing the advertiser to make fresh commercials.  So the good commercials will naturally rise, but after saturation is reached, something new will have to be brought in keep the audiences’ attention.

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Blog 2 Book Expt. 4: Google’s Blog 2 Print (Beta)

For users of Google’s Blogger service, Google Blog 2 Print is drop Dead Simple to use.  Unfortunately, the resulting book is very expensive, starting at $29.95 for a 20-page hard cover book.

I found Google Blog 2 Print by searching “blog to print book” in a Google search window.  Of course, the Google service came up first.  So I clicked on it.  After doing this, the service presented me with a choice:  move straight ahead to purchase a book or take the web service for a test drive.  I decided to take a test drive so I entered in the address of one of my Blogger blogs — you know the one.  I also uploaded a cover image to use and entered that I wanted all of entries to be used (the tool also has a way to input a date range) and then pushed “next.”  Within 2 or 3-mins the web service presented me with a preview of my book and asked if I wanted to personalize it.  I did and then it was at this point that the program prompted me to register as a user.  Once I registered, I was taken to a nother easy to use tool that allowed me to either choose a pre-rendered cover or to upload my own.  I chose a suitable pre-rendered cover and moved on to do a full preview of the finished booked.  Satisfied with my creation, I purchased 1 softcover book.  The whole process took me less than 10-mins.  It should arrive here on November 27th.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  The cost was pretty steep, though, at $29.95 for a 40-page soft bound book.

Oh, it looks like you can’t sell your book to the public through this service.  It’s purely a vanity service.