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Ladybug 3 — Top Down View

Here’s the next revision of my ladybug.  I really like this one.

ladybug2_topWith special Effects:



Ladybug 2

Adobe Illustrator doesn’t provide a tool to create perspective.  It seems like it should be a hard thing since people have been hand drafting perspective for years.  I tried dinking with the mesh tool, but that made a serious mess, so that left me with no choice but to draw in perspective.  It’s not much but it will do in a pinch.   I, also, did some changes to the drawing to make it a little closer to a lady bug.  So here it is:


Here with special effects:


Using the Ladybug

Here is some wallpaper I made for my little iPhone using the ladybug I made earlier this week.  I made the leaves tonight.

I’ve always liked ladybugs with “farm checks” in the background, so I did a few different versions to see how it would look.  I’m still playing with the construction paper look and this looks very cut out.  The leaves sorta look like the veins were drawn with a fat Sharpy.   It looks like bad craft after eating too much paste — haha!!!  I think, though, when combined with the farm checks, it’s cute.  Feel free to grab them if you want.


Here’s the first thing that I’ve done with Illustrator C4.


C4 isn’t very different from C3.  So far the only thing that I’ve noticed is that the crop area has been replaced by the more intuitive “Art Board”.  Supposedly, Adobe made creating gradient fills easier.  I’ll play with that tomorrow if I have time.  I made a side view of this ladybug too.  I want to make a couple of leaves and stems so I can mix and match things to make some little wallpaper compositions.  This ladybug is very symmetric, so it should be fun to see what I can do to play with the symmetry in a composition with more items.  It should be fun, too, to play with the “rhythm” of the dots.

Omari’s Sister Website Update Done

Well, I finally did it!  I completely re-did my personal website.  I used Dreamweaver and all the fancy new tricks I just learned in the class I am taking.  I also learned how to use the new Adobe website tool, “Fireworks.”  It’s a tool that should be apart of Dreamweaver that can be used to mock up website graphics really fast.  Other tools I used were Illustrator for the title graphics and the flowers in the menu bar, Flash to generate the graphics for the menu and to create all of the galleries, and Fireworks for the content graphics.  I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out :).  I’m so proud of myself.  I feel now I can take on any personal or small business advertising website design assignment.  Now onto expanding my knowledge of javascript and some server side scripting so I can start putting together more complete solutions.  Anyhow, check it out!