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Aeronna and Kahnroy are in Tier 4

Last night Aeronna and Kahnroy finally made it to tier 4 of the Elf storyline in “Warhammer Online.”  I had one small quest hiccup on the way, but customer support was excellent and helped me out within 15-minutes of my complaint registration.  With Tier 4, comes a whole new set of scenarios.  I had played a couple with Giyosephina earlier in the week, but it wasn’t as exciting as last night.  Last night I was flying through the air, dying, and dragons appear from out of someone’s behind.  It was total chaos and racous fun.  I have to give kudos to “Domintrix Vortex” whose excellent blender action killed me and my comrades several times, leaving our bodies in a big vomit pile on the sands of Serpent’s Passage.  For that, you have earned the honor of being on my “Kill on Sight” list, an honor I had only bestowed upon certain extremely devilish Witch Elves and pesky MFing Gits ;p.

General Warhammer Update:

Giyosephina Gunslinger:  Lvl 31 in Reikland, chp 16

Aeronna Bramblerose:  Lvl 31 in Eataine, chp 15

St Clair Full of Mercy:  Lvl 24 in High Pass, chp 12

New characters:

NightJasmine:  Lvl 19 Shadow Warrior, Elf Storyline, chp 8

Guntilda:  Lvl 13 Rune Priest, chp 6 Dwarf storyline

Inori: Lvl 9 Healer, chp 2 Elf storyline

Pixistick:  Lvl 5 Witch Elf on the Red Eye Mt server

On the WEs:  after playing one, I see that they are incredibly strong and very hard to hit.  I would play Pixistick more seriously if the Dark Elf storyline were deeper.  I was hoping for duel storylines in which the dark elves are righteous in their struggle too.  But it seems that they are consumed with hate and like doing mean things.  I don’t know if this is across the board, but the scenerio conversation between Desto players was very ineffective.  They were rude to each other and cussed a lot.  I really didn’t like it and for the most part, I kept silent.  Given that, I’m surprised that they manage to trounce all over Order.

On the new Knight Class: Basically, the new Knight character is a paladin.  I took my character to level 5 before deciding I really didn’t like this class.  I think my view, though, is tainted by the awesomeness of Miss Aeronna Bramblerose.  She is a beautiful, graceful, hearty, and deadly Sword Master.