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On Bi-Partisanship

Bi-partisanship: Both parties participate, but they don’t have to agree.  Indeed, they can agree to disagree.  In the end, though, a decision has to be made and those who own the decision must take responsibility.   I don’t like group think, so I think it’s fine for folks to agree to disagree, but I’m not enchanted by the idea of people acting in malice — “If I don’t control the decision, then I hope the plan fails.”  To want your own country to fail and President to fail is unpatriotic and to plot the failure of your country and your President is treasonous.    I hope those politicians and pundits out there come to this realization and get their act together and put whatever selfish desires they have aside for the good of the country.   I hope the politicians remember that the voting public puts them in office and can vote them out.  These are the only people they are beholden to rather than some talk radio “entertainers” (yes, they are ENTERTAINMENT) and the few people with money.  I’m not  a fan of the stimulus plan, but I do want my country to succeed, so I’m praying and I will do everything in my power to do what I can to help my country out of this mess.