Mutant Pigeons at the San Diego Fair

In between monitoring the minute-by-minute coverage of Paris Hilton’s jail status, my husband and I managed to go to this year’s San Diego Fair last Saturday.  The theme this year was “Heros” and practically everyone was declared a hero to make that special feeling universal.  Of course there was the usual assortment of fried treats and food that never should have been created like the Krisy Kreme fried chicken sandwich (with honey) and Deep Fried Cola.  

Many of the food booths were advertising that their food was transfat free or low carb, which I found quite disturbing because I consider going to the fair the one time I’m allowed to eat food that would make my cardiologist want to kill me himself. 


So here’s what I ate:

          Australian battered potatoes with cheese sauce

          One foot long corndog

          Kettle corn

          Chocolate covered strawberries

          Some of my husband’s root beer float



No so bad I think.  I really wanted to try the Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken, but my husband put his foot down and forbade it L.  Sadness …


Onto the animals … There didn’t seem to be too many this year, or maybe they weren’t all present yet since it was the opening weekend of the fair.  Anyhow, we admired the cows, sheep, goats, and pigs and then we came upon the featured animal, pigeons.  I thought there were only two kinds of flying rats, grey and brown.  But, apparently, there are many types of pigeons and many of them at the fair appeared to have been interbred with chickens.  There were big pigeons that strutted and scratched like chickens but cooed like pigeons, pigeons with enormous alien-like googly eyes, pigeons with feather duster feet, pigeons that stood very upright that  looked like they were wearing elegant coats, and pigeons with curly-permed feathers (amongst other strange varieties).  I was shocked, amazed, and saddened at the same time – what strange looking creatures, but how do they fly and how many chickens were experimented with to come up with these creatures?  Are these birds even edible?  And why a pigeon with curly feathers or googly eyes?   Hmm …




There was also a strong man contest in which strong men lifted boulders and tire axles in the same arena as the camel and ostrich races.  We also looked at the professional and student art.  The professional art was quite good, especially the wood crafts.  The student art left much to be desired because there were many projects that appeared to be quickly slapped together last minute and lots of photographs of young ladies and their friends hanging out together … okay … save it for MySpace.  


We spent about 6-hours there and felt that we got our $12/person out it.  It was fun J.


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