Movie Review: The Simpsons Movie

“The Simpsons Movie” is just that — The Simpsons on the big screen for about 90-minutes.  This is a very good movie, in general, so fans and people who are not so familiar with The Simpsons will enjoy this alike.  I don’t want to give away any of the story — not that there’s much to give away — so I’ll sorta dance around it.  Anyhow, all of The Simpsons characters you know and love show up at some point.  The story itself is standard Simpsons — a pretty simple story strung together with one-liners, sight gags, and the occasional moments of sweetness.  I caught more of the humor than my husband and the guy sitting next to me was giggling through the entire movie (he must have been a real fan of the show).  Should you bring children to this movie, well, most of the adult jokes will fly right over their heads.  However there is some Bart nudity, so it you aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing, then don’t take your children. 

If you do see the movie, hang around and watch the credits because there are some funny things to be seen and, for those of you into music, there’s a nice accapella rendition of “Spider Pig” and variations of the Simpson’s Movie theme done in the style of Copeland and Prokopriev (spelling?), with a little quote from La Mer.  I was intriqued.  I wonder if others will hear other styles, since I didn’t really pick up on it until well into the credits string.

Anyhow, I recommend the movie and for a snack get some nasty nachos. 🙂


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