HP Home Server Update: External Hard Drive Added

I finally finished migrating all of my data off of my Western Digital World Book Drive to my HP Home Server.  In the process of doing so, I ran out of space on the home server.  I blew away some anime series that I knew I would not watch to make everything happy again.  After that, I decided to see whether I could add the 1TB World Book to my home server.  I was very worried that it wouldn’t work because to run in on the computer it was currently connected, it required a huge software package, and even then, it didn’t always work.  In the back of my mind, I was grinding away on ideas for a proper sacrifice to make this work.

I tried the most obvious thing first.  That is opening the home server control panel and then connecting the drive into one of the many USB ports on the back of the home server.  I did this and within a minute, the drive was visible but not active in the storage tab.  I clicked on the drive and selected to add it to my server.  The control panel asked if I wanted to format the drive.  I clicked “yes” and away the server and the drive cranked.  Within 5-mins, the activity was done and the server alerted me that the drive had been added and that I now have a whopping 1.82TB of storage.  Yippee!  And so painless!

I plan next to move our laser printer to the home server, so I now have no reason to keep my poor little laptop on 24/7.  I still have not enabled any of the sharing functionality, yet.


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