I couldn’t help myself.

Soda company to put LOLcats on bottle labels

Jones Soda is teaming with to put LOLcats on bottle labels.

(Credit: Jones Soda/

I can has a break?

OK. I love, and LOLcats in general, as much as the next guy. Truly. I have spent hours, in aggregate, laughing myself to tears on the site.

But when I ran across an item on the site on Tuesday morning announcing that it is teaming up with the trendy micro-soda company Jones Soda to run a contest to put LOLcats on root beer–and other flavor–bottle labels, I had to ask myself if someone was maybe huffing a little too much catnip.

LOLcats, of course, are the whimsical combinations of silly pidgin English phrases and funny pictures of cats or other animals. And is the lion in the LOLcat kingdom. And I even think Jones soda can be pretty good.

Link to the rest of the article.


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