Different Design Philosophies from AMD and NVidia

Here’s something interesting from the world of gaming. NVidia prefers to do single chip designs for their high end GPUs, while AMD favors using multiple chips. I don’t know what to think of this until I see side-by-side performance comparisonsInstinctively, though, I think that at some point NVidia will run into a cost/performance barrier that will make them go to multiple chips, similar to the way CPU’s have gone. In the end, though, I would think that ganged NVidia chips would kick more *ss than a gang of mediocre AMD chips, simply because NVidia invested in pushing the limits of technology. This might also prove to be more cost effective depending on the relative performance — how many AMD chips does it take to match on NVidia. Back to the practical world, though, outside of gaming, home theatre, and high-end graphics, I would image the need for high-end GPUs is small compared the sea of good enough computers and laptops out there. I would imagine until the Internet pipe that feeds people homes gets really big, AMD may be in the best shape. However, when the onslaught of rich media comes, that may be a different story. Now, from a gamer perspective — give me the monolithic chip because I don’t want time wasted going through bridges and additional buses ;p.

Here is a link to the blog posting.


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