Indiana Jones and the Temple of Little Green Men ???

The latest “Indiana Jones” movie is bad … really, really bad, but watchable. I wasn’t expecting this to be a good movie in the first place so I wasn’t very surprised. The story itself was pretty good. The problem was the execution. The movie did not take itself seriously at all. For those of us familiar with the Universal backlot, I swear I could see the tour bus roaming around in some of the scenes. The jungles sets looked very much like sets. It felt as though they didn’t even try to make this look like anything more than a B-movie. The dialogue was full of bad one-liners, giving this the feel of a very bad video game. Lending more to the bad video game feel were the series of lames stunts that were strung together without regard to the story or physics. Ahh, and then there were the lovable “Ewoks” in the disguise of prairie dogs and monkeys — that really torqued my bolts. But, like I said, this movie is watchable. So if you want good clean campy family fun, go see this movie at the matinee hours. I wouldn’t pay full price though. If you want to remember Indy from the first movie (by the way I didn’t see the third movie with Sean Connery after the mental damage inflicted by “The Temple of Doom.”), then skip this one and fire up the first Indy movie in your home theatre. For a more positive review, check out the Roger Ebert website.

On a side note, I wonder if the Disney ride and the jungle cruise are up for an update based on this. Hmm…


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