Playing Hooky

I came home to a red-faced-sunburned husband yesterday.  He was napping and I must have been a sleep walking because it didn’t register as I walked into the house.  After a 4-hour nap (yes, I’m like a cat) I awoke refreshed and sane and then it sunk in that my husband was sunburned.  I asked him what he had done to get  sunburned.  It turns out that my husband, Steve, played hooky yesterday and went to watch the tie-breaking round of the US Open Golf tournament.  I had to chuckle to myself — getting Steve to take time off can sometimes be like pulling teeth.  Apparently it was a last minute thing.  He said 6 tickets showed up at work so he went.  He said he saw Tiger Woods sink his winning put and that Tiger passed by him after winning.  Steve described him as looking extremely angry.   Clearly, this was a proud moment for my husband.  To commemorate the event, Steve bought a pair of matching golf towels, one for himself and one for my Dad, who went to the tournament last Friday.  I’m happy Steve and my Dad get along so well.  On Father’s day my parents came over and Steve and my Dad spent a good amount of time talking about golf and practice swinging in house (I was *urked* because they were swinging way too close to the TV).  Anyhow, … I still hate golf … but I like that my husband and Dad have another thing in common.