The Overhead of Having a Job

Unemployment has revealed to me that I spent a lot of money in support of my job.   After household and car expenses, a lot of my money went towards clothing.  This was actually a recent thing since it’s only been three years since I figured out how to dress like an adult ;p.  Once I figured that out, though, I never wanted to come to work looking like I was there to paint the walls again.  On the flip side, now that I’m unemployed, I have no where to wear my work clothes and I don’t have many casual clothes to wear while doing errands and grocery shopping.  Hahaha!  The irony of it all :).  Other expenses included gas, which HURT when it was $4+/gallon and eating out for lunch and dinner with my husband nearly everyday.  Now, I’m a home body and I have time to prepare most meals.

It is surprising, when pushed, how little my husband and I can live on and still be quite happy.  Actually, I don’t think our happiness has decreased at all.  Interestingly, as soon as I found out that I was going to be laid-off, something kicked off in my brain that turned off my “I want” function.   Now my only indulgences are my monthly fee for Warhammer Online and my monthly shipment of manga from Japan.  My husband greatly enjoys the home cooked meals and returning home to a wife who is not frazzled by the latest rediculousness her management has imposed on the office.  I suffer from boredom, but I usually manage to find something to fritter away the hours while waiting for gainful employment.  Life seems a lot simpler and we spend some great time together cleaning up after the evening meal and playing Warhammer together.