Redefining the Holidays

When my husband and I got married, we decided that gift giving on holidays was too stressful and ultimately a waste of money.  We decided it was important to spend time with family and that the best present to give is a meal from the heart.  We have been doing without presents now for 8-yrs and I don’t miss them.  The holidays have gone by pleasantly without stress about what to buy or even having to go to the mall.  We have nice family meals and gather around the Wii for the holidays.  It’s brought the holidays back to the family and away from Santa and presents.  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Of course, I don’t know if such a stategy would work if we had children since presents for them is all about status.  I certainly would not want to raise children with those kind of values, but it’s hard to control when status is important to their friends and the parents of their friends.  I don’t remember any of the presents I recieved as a child except for a Snoopy Snowcone maker, an Easy Bake oven, a couple of bikes.  These were not status gifts, though.  These we more like rites of childhood and toys that I really enjoyed mostly because they were toys that engaged my parents too.  I guess in this sense, they were good presents and when I become a parent, I should use those memories as a guiding principle when selecting gifts.

Anyhow, happy holidays to everyone out there.  I know for some families it’s going to be tough this year because the money isn’t there for lots of gifts.  I would encourage you to return to family and to concentrate on having wonderful family meals and choosing a few gifts that engage the entire family like bikes, board and video games, and books.  It can also be nice to take the family out the movies during the break times.  Oh, and take lots of pictures :).  Those are definitely the gifts that keep on giving :).  Happy holidays everyone!



HP announced preliminary result for the 4th quarter.  Here’s a link.  In a quarter full of sorrow, this is a very bright spot.  Go HP and you gotta love Hurd.  May he continue to fly under the media radar to let HP continue to shine ;).

The Yahoo Drama Continues

And so the drama continues … first there was the “love triangle” between Yahoo, MS, and Google that was so sensationalized that I missed that Yahoo was undergoing a “transformation”.  Now a CEO change after changing the CEO less than 2-yrs ago.  I love the little blurb about how Yahoo has a board problem more than a CEO problem.  So … let’s take a look at these folks:

They look like an innovative bunch who know about the Internet, social networking, and advertising <*note the sarcasm*>… sigh … well, I hope their management ranks are younger and more diverse.  Anyhow, here’s a link to an article about the latest at Yahoo:

CNET link

Update: Cracked Toe Nail

I see hits on this daily, so I thought I’d give an update because it seems to matter to some folks out there.  So here’s what happened with my cracked toe nail:

I cleaned the wound thoroughly when I got home and wrapped the affected toe in cotton gauze with breathable cotton tape for a couple of days so it wouldn’t get caught in socks or the bed linen.  To my surprise, my toe tip didn’t turn black, but rather it healed up such that it looked like a normal toe nail with a fracture line in it.  It was strong enough for me to trim after a couple of days, so I did to smooth out the edge of the nail.

Finally, yesterday, the toe nail grew out long enough for some of the cracked part to fall off.  It didn’t fall off neatly, but I did my best to smooth the edge of nail so it wouldn’t get caught in socks or bed linen.  The toe nail is growing back nicely and I hope in the next few weeks the fractured part will completely grow out and my toe will look as good as new.

So here’s what I learned with regards to taking care of cracked toe-nails (and please remember that I’m not a doctor or a toe expert, so If your toe is really messed up, go see a doctor.):

1.  Clean and disinfect the wound as soon as possible

2.  If possible, leave the nail alone and let it grow out on its own

3. Covering the toe with cotton gauze and breathable cotton tape is comfortable and protective.  Also to keep your toe from becoming damp with sweat, go bare foot or wear an open toed shoe.

4.  After the tenderness goes away, it’s best to wear open toed shoes so your toe can “breathe” and bacteria and nastiness won’t build up around the wounded toe.  A damp toe is a sad toe ;p.

5.  Don’t stress over the appearance of your toe.  Everyone knows you stubbed it and you won’t be judged based on a stubbed toe.