Getting a Job as an Engineer Might be like Winning the Lottery

I decided to do a thought experiment to discourage myself further about the prospect of finding a job anytime soon.  Here’s some loosey-goosey estimations for you:  The combined populations of LA and San Diego in 2006 are ~13-Million.   ~37% of those people are under the age of 18 or over 65, which leaves 8.2 Million within working age.  Let’s say 75% of those people want to work or are working, and, of those, 8% are unemployed.  This means there are ~490K people unemployed and looking for work in LA and SD.  Now let’s say 1/0 of these folks are engineering professionals (and yes, it could be true because this recession is more about professions getting laid-off than non), and that leaves 49K engineers looking for jobs.  Now, for the past 30-days, there are 1209 postings for Engineering positions on the Monster board.  This does not exclude the bogus listings for sign twirlers, pyramid scams, and hollywood extras along with duplicate listings.  So being conservative, for every job opening, there are ~40 engineers who can fill each req.  HAHAHAHA!!!!  And big business claims there’s a severe lack of engineering, math, science majors in the US.  I call “BS” on all of you!  So I wonder … which will come first, me winning something in the state lottery or me getting a job …

Here’s a link to Quick Facts from the Census Board.  Have fun!


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