You Have to Keep Moving Forward

Nothing is more crushing than to have industry panelists confirm that nobody is hiring now, or that there are far too many people applying for the few positions that are open.  There are no “chances” now and they aren’t hiring under qualified or over qualified people.   The frustration was heavy amongst the crowd, but I think for the most part we’ve all accepted the situation.  Many of us are moving forward by learning new skills in continuing education programs and that’s a good thing.  You have to keep going.

I got a rejection e-mail  today for a job I really wanted.  I decided to let myself sulk in aftermath of that and the career fair only tonight.  Tomorrow I will resume moving forward.  I will continue to gain new skills, I will continue to apply for employment, and I will continue to enjoy my time between careers.  I thank the government for the “social safety net,” which without, my husband I would have become another statistic.  I hope the money the government is spending to get us out this mess works, whether I agree with the plan or not — and believe me, bailing out those Wallstreet and banking turds makes me sick to my stomach.  Despite everything, I remain hopeful because there is far too much that we could be doing.  It’s just a matter of getting the folks with the cash to invest in America again.  We all have to ignore the gruesome wreck and keep moving forward.


MySpace on the Decline while Facebook Continues to Grow

Here’s a link to a little article about it.  Haha!!! I’m not surprised since I hadn’t heard or even thought about MySpace in months (maybe even years).  The same will be happening to Facebook, too, soon enough.  I had some relatives and friends who signed up for Facebook who say that it’s too much trouble to deal with Facebook.  Here’s are the complaints I’ve heard:

1.  I receive nothing but “Friend spam” — they end up feeling that Facebook is a scam because of this

2.  I don’t have enough time to have an online life so my page is empty and I don’t use the services

3.  My friends and family don’t use Facebook or they refuse to use Facebook, so there’s no point.

4.  I can’t keep away from my parents or adults who try to Friend me.

5.  “Jailbait” keeps trying to friend me.

I guess, when I look at the numbers, I take the huge numbers with a grain of salt.  I think the more interesting numbers would be to see a breakdown of activity — how many users get on more than once a day, once a day, once a week, once a month, or have basically idle accounts.  Yeah, Facebook may boast 276-million accounts, but how many of those accounts are active?

As for me, I’m a LinkedIn person.  The things I like about LinkedIn are:   I don’t have to worry about “children” friending me and the service has established a professional tone.   Because it’s professional tone I don’t have to worry about being exposed to explicit images, explicit language, explicit gossip, and defamation.  I can keep track of the people I care about on a very comfortable level for me.

Twitter, well, the verdict still out on that for me.  Most of the messages I have received about people wanting to follow me are spammers or Jailbait.  I’ve blocked nearly everyone who’s tried to follow me and I contacted Twitter customer service about the Jailbait.  Sadly enough, that leaves me with two followers ;p.  Haha!!!  But I’m cool with that :).

Shopping Surprise

I went out shopping yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see others were shopping too. I went to my local mall, Target, and the grocery store. At all places, there was limited parking and people were buying! Target was especially busy. There were only 3 shopping carts available and most people at the check-out had full carts. It made me feel really good to be out shopping and to others shopping.

I don’t why people were out, but I do know for myself I’m tired of denying myself. Granted I don’t have as much money as I did when I was employed, but I think it’s okay to spend a little as long as I stay within my means. Perhaps others feel this way too. I’m, also, worried if I don’t shop or eat out, the stores and restaurants I like may go out of business, so I’m doing what I can.

I Heard an Interesting thing About Newspapers

I live in a city where my newspaper is in danger of being no longer. I can’t say I’ll miss the city newspaper because I haven’t subscribed to it in over 5-years. So what happened with me and the newspaper? Well, I ordered the Sunday newspaper only because getting the newspaper 7-days a week was too much for me to read and created too much trash for me to deal with. Unfortunately, the newspaper, obsessed with selling advertisements, ignored my desire and sent me the newspaper 7 times a week. I then canceled because my house became filled with newspapers I didn’t read. Our house and garage used to be littered with stacks of unread papers. It’s a fire hazard and they attract bugs and vermin that like to hide in the folds. I really only wanted the front page, the Sunday comics, and the Sunday coupons. The newspaper, actually didn’t stop coming, though, because my Dad signed up for the newspaper using the same phone number I did and the newspaper came to me instead of him. Hahaha!!! It was a frustrating experience. Needless to say, it got straightened out and I have been newspaper-free for years.

My problem with the newspapers is that they come on a ridiculous amount of paper. That’s why I turned to the Internet once it became a valid source. The newspapers are kicking themselves for not selling the news online at the start. The big problem though is hyper-linking. I heard some guy on KPBS’ “Editor’s Round Table” mention this, but I don’t think he completely grasped what he was saying. The problem is even if a newspaper charges people to access the news, there are ways to grab information and rebroadcast it that can’t stopped. Sure people can link to the information and then those that follow the link can pay whatever is charged to read the full article. But as a blogger, I have found myself cutting and pasting content from paid content because somewhere in the back of my mind the idea of the news being property is absurd — sorta like paying for flowers, unprepared food, water, air, and health care. (BTW: I have stopped cutting and pasting entire articles and I cleaned my blog to link the articles). I imagine most people feel this way, so it happens all the time. Anyhow, to sum it all up, because print is giving away to the internet, the newspapers can no longer control the distribution of their content. Continue reading I Heard an Interesting thing About Newspapers