Marketing Invading Mommy Blogs

This morning I watched a little video from Ad Age about how various marketing agencies and marketing arms of companies are paying “Mommy Bloggers” to influence their online followers.  The first thing that came to mind was the tragedy happening on the “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” show and how the commercialism that has entered that family is exacerbating the demise of  that family unit.  I think marketing interfering with Mommy Blogs ruins the authenticity of the blog and changes family life by aligning the blogger with certain products.  What person in their right mind is going to poo-poo a product they were given for free or paid to promote.   Why should I believe the person in the polished looking “Mommy Blog” is who she says she is?  It’s the poop that ruins the ice cream and puts into question the authencity of all Mommy Blogs, even if the blogger discloses up front that they are a paid promoter.  I can’t say whether this is going to blow up in the marketers or the Mommy Blogger’s face.  After all there are a lot of people out there who are easily swayed by someone who looks like them who lives a life they aspire to live or, on the other hand, lots of Mommy’s out there looking to justify easy solutions that are not always the best.  However, deep within me, it hurts my soul to think when I have a child and turn to the Internet for help, I’ll be faced with a nearly infinite cesspool of paid advertisement crap to wade through to find a good answer.  Knowing me, I’ll probably skip the Internet all together and get a good old fashion book on infant health, talk to my parents, and use trial and error.