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Franchises Squeezed by Dollar Menus

I read an article about this a few months ago and this seems to be a follow on to that original article.  Anyhow, I’m quite guilty of eating off of fast food value menus exclusively lately and ordering free cups of water instead of a bottled water.  It’s a great value for me, but I can see how this (particularly customers not buying soft drinks) hurts franchise owners as commodity prices rise and they can’t raise food prices to reflect this.  It’s a tough problem and I see both sides of the argument — a squeeze on the franchise owner and the company, on the whole, fighting for market share.  The rising price of commodities is making everyone’s life miserable.  Anyhow, here’s a link to the articles.

Henry the Hexapus

Will wonders never cease?  I never thought I see the day when an octopus is born with 6 legs.

Why is this under “food” — because octopus is tasty, of course.  I especially like baby octopus in that tasty red sauce.  Yummy!!!

Here’s a link to the article


What the Heck is Going On with Food?

What’s has suddenly happened with food and food prices?  It’s been all over the news lately.  Yes, I’ve noticed food prices rising faster than I would like, but things have really gone over overboard when you hear reports of purchase limits on rice in the US.  Usually, not much ruffles me, but this is bothering me so much that I’m dreaming about empty grocery store shelves when I sleep at night.  Granted this is the view from the a spoiled American, nonetheless, for the first time I am feeling a little scared.

It’s sad to say, now, that I haven’t seriously shopped for groceries for months.  The food prices are just too depressing!  It’s rediculous to buy 5 or 6 bags of groceries for two people and the bill totals over $100.  The last time I went into a grocery it was to buy some rice and, much to my shock, a 2-lb bag was $5.  I nearly screamed in the aisle.  Then I went to buy some milk and a half gallon was edging towards $4.  Later that day my husband and I found a taco shop (El Mexicano) within 2-miles of house that sells 3 rolled tacos with guac for $2.20.  I lament to report that my body is now almost entirely maintained by fruit from the company cafeteria and rolled tacos.  This and other dollar menu items from various fast food entities are now cheaper than grocery shopping …  BTW, dollar menus are breaking fast food franchise owners, so I don’t expect that “feast of the senses” to last for too much longer.  My husband and I are also assembling strange meals from the weird stuffs that have collected in our pantry over the years.  Lately I’ve been throwing various soups and canned veggies together into ramen.  With a dash of tadashi (mostly MSG), everything tastes wonderful.   How low have I fallen?!  I ran out of ramen over the weekend, but I’m scared to go to the grocery store to find out that my 10-cent/bag staple is now probably $2/bag.

One bright spot is that my local Sprouts (in San Marcos) is selling food for a lot cheaper than the grocery store.  I imagine the benefits of not having to transport local food very far is helping that along.  They had bell peppers for 25-cents each and asparagus is $.99/lb.  Yippee!  So it looks like I will be going grocery shopping this weekend or sooner.  I wonder if they have locally made ramen.

Here’s a link to the entire article.  Get out there and buy as much rice as you can while you still can!  (We are soooo screwed now that the speculators are spectulating on food.)

$10K for a Child's Birthday Party

Please try to contain yourself frugal engineers as you read this.

Each Over the Top party has a theme and is run by a team trained in child development, says Dinsfriend. Her events — from tea parties with fine china to military-themed parties led by former Marines — usually take six weeks to plan and cost as much as $10,000.


(You gotta wonder whether that purse cake is even edible.  Where do you start cutting?  Can I eat the iPod too?)

Who are these people and can we interest them in buying a $2500 AIO to enhance their family’s life?   Here’s a link to the article.

Mixed Reaction to Chocolate Covered Bacon

Tara Pangakist challenged me to try chocolate covered bacon from Voges Chocolatier.  The chocolate arrived on Wednesday and my husband and I got around to trying it last night.  I liked the chocolate covered bacon while my husband did not.  It tastes like chocolate with salty, slightly smokey bits in it — sorta of nutty in my opinion.  I enjoyed the play of salt and sweet while my husband grimmaced.  We bought some other weird chocolates to sample.  My husband enjoyed the spicy cinammon chocolate very much.  I liked it too.  I will give an update after we try the other weird chocolates over the weekend.