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Make Everything Taste Like Bacon

Bacon is definitely one of my favorite flavors.  I got to get me some of this stuff!

A reprint of a blog entry from CNET

Make everything taste like bacon


Have you ever found yourself thinking that veggies would go down easier, if only they tasted more like bacon? You may want to top them with Bacon Salt. The brainchild of two bacon-loving former tech workers, the zero-calorie seasoning lets you add a bit of bacony goodness to any food product. It comes in three flavors–original, hickory, and peppered–and, according to this post from Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, has been enjoyed on “potatoes (fried, mashed, whathaveyou), corn on the cob, popcorn, watermelon, pineapple, steak, eggs (fried, scrambled), green beans, assorted vegetables, chocolate, Bloody Marys, pasta, guacamole, and peaches.” The salt is kosher and vegetarian, and the hickory flavor is vegan, but don’t go confusing it with health food: the lengthy list of ingredients includes corn syrup, vegetable shortening, and MSG.

For the hands-on experience I relied on the taste buds of fellow blogger Jennifer Guevin, who says the faux-pork seasoning basically tastes like powdered Bacon Bits. So far, so tasty, but she also admits that her enthusiasm for the product has waned: “My affections turned sour when I realized that my boyfriend no longer thought any food was perfect until Bacon Salt had been added to it. Now Bacon Salt is my bitter kitchen rival.” Consider yourself warned

Unfulfilled Fish Taco Desire

These events happened last night:

My husband Steve and I had a craving for fish tacos so we went to the local Rubios to get our fill.

Jen:  I’d like two 3 fish taco combos

Rubio’s cashier:  Would you like chicken or Steak?

Jen:  No, two 3 fish taco combos

Rubio’s cashier:  We have chicken or steak.  Which do you want?  It’s the Especial combo.

Jen:  No, I don’t want the Especial Combo.  I want two 3 fish taco combos

Rubios’s cashier:  Ma’am, we don’t have any fish.  Would you like chicken or steak instead?

Jen (brain to mouth filter has failed):  Dude!  What do you mean you have no fish?  This is a fish taco restaurant and it’s not Tuesday! (Fish Taco Tuesday = cheap fish tacos)

Rubio’s cashier:  Well, the manager is out getting fish from a sister restaurant

Jen:  Okay, we’ll have to punt tonight. (to Steve) Sweetie, what do you want to do now?

Steve (with pouty face on):  I don’t care anymore …

We ended up at Baja Fresh … an end to a sad night of unfulfilled fish taco desire.