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Learning about Leadership Through MMORPGs, Part 1

I never thought playing a video game would teach me so much about real life and myself.  Yep, you can learn about leadership, teamwork, and yourself as a leader and a team player by playing MMORPGs.  I had an encounter tonight with a player who was quite a control freak.  This person claimed to be leading 4 Warbands in an effort to lock one of the tier 4 zones in “Warhammer Online”.  He was telling players who were below level 40 to refrain from playing in contested scenarios because he or she wanted to have only his or her pre-made groups in scenarios.  I popped into a contested scenario without knowing what was going on and then was promptly asked not to queue up anymore.  My feeling was that I paid to play the game, and so I will play however I please.  This guy then proceeded to ramble on about how low level players will cause our side to lose.  I was laughing pretty hard because his pre-made parties were getting their asses handed to them in this particular scenario and I felt he needed all the help he could get.  Continue reading Learning about Leadership Through MMORPGs, Part 1


Innovation Means Putting Consumers’ Needs First

This is a long read but a good one.  I think this is a great example of executive communication that reaches across management, engineers, and other individual contributors.  I particularly like at the end of the interview in which Mr. Provoost explains simply how beans and innovation are connected.

My thoughts on this … well first off all, I’m anxious to see what’s new in lighting.  I have seen the slow emergence of LED over the past couple of years, but nothing big at the Home Depot yet.  Like everyone (and every company), I’m looking for any manner to decrease my electricity bill.  I’m also encouraged with this CEO’s positive thoughts about innovating in the midst of a recession.  Yes, I agree, being squeezed to optimize can drive innovation.  I really like the idea of adversity being inspiration.   Anyhow, give this a read and feel good about innovation and get excited about lighting.

Here’s a link to the article

Philips Lighting CEO Rudy Provoost: Innovation Means Putting Consumers’ Needs First

Published: February 20, 2008 in Knowledge@Wharton