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Voodoo Excitement

There’s a lot going on at Voodoo. A retail version of the Blackbird 002 will be available soon at an electronics store near you and there are exciting new details about the new “Envy” and “Omen” lines of Voodoo branded laptops and PCs. I’m bouncing off the walls! (BTW: Crave is calling the new “Envy” the “Mac Airbook Killer” — YESSS!!!) I can’t wait to see what successive generations of the HP with Voodoo DNA products look like. I would love to see a laptop from the HP/Voodoo brand and I would love to see either a laptop or a PC or both that is geared toward those progressive folks that download all or most of their entertainment. This would include hardware and software for viewing and displaying hi-def video files and software to optimize the download experience by helping to identify legal content from legal sources and providing an easy system to keep downloaded content organized. I’d love to have a home server add-on that is specialized for legal content download so that the main households computers aren’t bogged down with download activities. SQUEALZ when I think about it. After all, gaming and anime often go together, so gimme the good stuff and make it easy!

Here are some links to some recent info about HP and Voodoo

Link 1

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