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So Cute! A Baby Blackbird!

I’m pretty sad that I’m not at CES this year because I would like to see this little guy.  Yes, it’s Firebird, a light gaming PC from HP.  From the specs, it also sounds like it would be an excellent entertainment PC to connect to your TV.  Here’s a link to Rahul Sood’s Blog for his perspective on the Firebird.  Anyhow, what’s amazing to me is that they crammed all this good stuff in and the power usage peaks at 350-Watts.  Nice!  It seems like the size, noise, and power consumption trade-offs are nicely matched with the computing power.    Personally, this all sounds like a GREAT entertainment PC to me.  With some changes to the case, it could fit nicely into an entertainment center.  Hahaha!!!

Oh, a weird rambling tangent, this morning when I thought of a baby blackbird, a “sparrow” came to mind.  You know, sparrows are small, agile, and bright eyed birds — everything a light weight but powerful laptop should be.  In terms of styling cues and marketing, “Friend of the Forest” comes to mind.  It’s eco-friendly, people friendly, and adventurous all at the same time.  Fly, little sparrow, fly!!!