Screen Rotation on HP Mini 1000

I finally got some time to play with the settings on my Mini 1000.  The rotate display function can be found in the graphics/display user interface.  I did rotate the screen 90-degrees and, indeed, what was on the screen the rotated (in the most literal sense).  However, the rotate function is not integrated.  The touch pad does not rotate to match and Windows and the Firefox do not display in a user friendly fashion.  The side window frame slider bar doesn’t move, so in the 90-deg state, the slider bar is at the bottom of the screen.  Also, the programs do not resize to match the screen ratio.  So, I had to slide the screen left and right to see the whole window and the window did not span the entire height of the display.  I was quite disappointed, because it seems to me it would be easy to rotate the screen and then apply the screen ratio, like you would when choosing a different a screen resolution.  As for the touch pad, rescale that translation.  Haha, well, these situations could remedied with graphics and touch pad driver updates.  I look forward to them, I hope …


4 thoughts on “Screen Rotation on HP Mini 1000”

  1. I accidentally rotated the resolution on my HP Mini. A kitten attack changed rotated the resolution somehow, and now after Googling and playing with display settings I can’t fix it!

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Laura-

    Right click on your background window, select “graphics options”, then select “rotation”, and finally select “normal. I hope this helps.


  3. Thanks for the help with the screen rotation. I just wasted an hour trying to un-do my 90 degree experiment; there was no “rotation” option the first time I tried to right click, but after a couple re-boots it came up. By the way, the Firefox version I have adjusted for the rotation, I have version 3.0.8. I am loving (as is everyone else) my new HP1000!

  4. Indeed! The latest version of Firefox does accommodate screen rotation well. I was able to read some manga online as if it was on the printed page using the screen rotation. I was quite pleased and I now use my mini quite often to read manga in bed :). The mouse motion rescaling is still missing though. I agree, the HP Mini 1000 is a nice little laptop.

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