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HP’s Mini-Note Designed by Vivienne Tam

Finally, a mini-note I want, BADLY!  So badly it’s breaking my heart that I’m unemployed.  Yes, it’s the HP Mini 1000 notebook VivienneTam addition.  It’s the perfect nail polish color, the right size, has the right features and Windows XP.  I could cry!!!  Can I justify this as Christmas present?  Can I hang out in Starbucks using the wireless and doing my job searching with my stylish little laptop?  Oh, what a wonderful way to get out of the house!  I can put this little powerhouse in my purse and take it with me everywhere.  I’m crying … so cute (cho kawaii) !!!!  Mr. Kuroneko003 would never forgive me :(.

Time to talk to the Santabot.  He delivered last year.  I wonder have I been nice enough …Oh, the decisions — 16GB SSD or 60GB HD — speed vs space, why can’t it have both?  Maybe that’s my only complaint ;p.  MS Office eats ALOT of space.  Mr. Kuroneko003 is going going to have to forgive me because I don’t think I can say no to myself.



HP announced preliminary result for the 4th quarter.  Here’s a link.  In a quarter full of sorrow, this is a very bright spot.  Go HP and you gotta love Hurd.  May he continue to fly under the media radar to let HP continue to shine ;).

HP Leaks it’s Mini Netbook

So cute! Now this is one way to do a mini-notebook.  Filling the entire space with keyboard makes it look like there was an effort to make the keyboard as large as possible to accomodate chubby fingers.  I think this also contrast with the smallness of the device, giving it that cute appearance — much like big eyes on a face.   I would love to see a follow-on with a screen that has very little border and that is one uninterrupted smooth and shiny surface.  No wasted space — I think that would look cool.  I also like the shiny lid.  If it’s like my big laptop, then the HP logo lights up on the back when the notebook is powered on.  The rumor is that the screen is 10-in.  It looks like it has a width heavy aspect ratio, which kinda concerns me because the menu bars of most programs eat up a lot of space along the top and bottom of the screen.  I wonder if there is a way to customize the presentation such that these menu bars run along the side, giving the viewing area a more natural look.  Well, I know you can move the main windows bar into and vertical postion.  I can’t wait to see both this laptop and the other new mini-notes in the stores this holiday season.

iPhone: Consequences of not Updating

My phone has been dead for two days.  At first I thought the cellular networks were jammed with people freaking out, but it turns out that my iPhone was deactivated because I had not updated it via iTunes.  I shudder to think about what could have happened if I were on vacation without a computer to synch the phone up with iTunes.  Again … I hate iTunes or maybe this time I hate Apple.  I still love my iPhone, though.

Continuing on this theme of IT — I got a new mouse.  It’s pink and it works (no way Mr. Kuroneko003 will touch this mouse).  I threw the old mouse in the electronics recycling bin at my local Best Buy.  They also have a bin to throw old batteries in.  Yay!  I had a sack of them in the kitchen.  Then I bought a copy of “Iron Man” on Blu-Ray.  Um … the Blu-Ray software that came with my laptop didn’t seem well integrated.  It took about 10-mins for the disc to load and then once it loaded it would not accept mouse input.  I don’t know if it is the player software or some really bad Flash programming that’s behind that fun.  Either way I was mildly annoyed.  Now that I know, I guess I’ll be driving with my keyboard — or perhaps I’m supposed to be using the little remote that came with the computer and/or the DVD player buttons on the laptop itself.  Still, I should be able to mouse through the DVD menu!!!  AUGH!!!!  I also don’t appreciate how HP has integrated itself into the DVD player software.  I uninstalled and bought upgraded software using the link given by HP.  I didn’t think that it would still be HP badged/tainted.  AUGH!!!