HP Leaks it’s Mini Netbook

So cute! Now this is one way to do a mini-notebook.  Filling the entire space with keyboard makes it look like there was an effort to make the keyboard as large as possible to accomodate chubby fingers.  I think this also contrast with the smallness of the device, giving it that cute appearance — much like big eyes on a face.   I would love to see a follow-on with a screen that has very little border and that is one uninterrupted smooth and shiny surface.  No wasted space — I think that would look cool.  I also like the shiny lid.  If it’s like my big laptop, then the HP logo lights up on the back when the notebook is powered on.  The rumor is that the screen is 10-in.  It looks like it has a width heavy aspect ratio, which kinda concerns me because the menu bars of most programs eat up a lot of space along the top and bottom of the screen.  I wonder if there is a way to customize the presentation such that these menu bars run along the side, giving the viewing area a more natural look.  Well, I know you can move the main windows bar into and vertical postion.  I can’t wait to see both this laptop and the other new mini-notes in the stores this holiday season.


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