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Movie Review: Quantum of Solace

Some people are complaining out there about how Bond is a lover and not a fighter and how much they miss the campiness of the previous Bond movies.  I couldn’t disagree more with those people.  I like this new Jason Bourne like Bond.  While being a fighter, I believe this Bond is more of a lover in deeper sense than the superficial Bonds of the past.  From the past two movies it is clear that Vesper was more than just a convenient roll in the sack and it is the need to avenge her and M that motivates this Bond to be a cold and efficient killer.

Onto the movie itself … this movie combines all the things I like in an action thriller:

  • Car chases
  • Fire
  • Boat chases
  • Free running
  • Angry CIA operatives
  • A handsome leading man
  • A beautiful leading lady
  • Impossible, but plausible stunts
  • A sniveling jerk of villain who Bond curb-stomps in the end (I love what Bond does to this jerk to avenge Strawberry Fields).
  • Revenge fulfilled

The movie is fast paced and Bond operates in a murderous fashion against his enemies without mercy or remorse.  He is true to his convictions and true to his allies.  The inclusion of “Strawberry Fields” feels like the last minute addition of a convenient female for Bond to @#$%.  Her character is totally unnecessary seeing as how Bond really connects with the other “Bond Girl,” Camille, with whom he adventures with and shares a similar desire for revenge within the confines for duty.  I also like the further development and definition of the relationship between Bond and M.  Bond is M’s loyal servant and his love for her is like love that one feels toward a Mother, a Queen Mother, and a could have been lover if M were 20 -30-yrs younger.  It reminds me of the kind relationship between anime/manga partners like Alucard and Integra of “Hellsing” and Sebastion and Ciel of “Kuro Shitsuji” — faithful Demon servants who serve dogs of the British Monarchy ;).

I didn’t like the camera work in some of the scenes.  At times it was too frenetic for my brain to actually process what was going on and I had to look away a couple of times to regain my frame of reference so I wouldn’t fall out of my chair.

All in all, I felt this was an excellent action adventure movie.  If you enjoy the Bourne movies, then you will enjoy this Bond movie and the previous one.  If you are looking for camp, meaningless sex, and poor attempts at “quipping,” then this is not the Bond movie for you.  4.5/5 for great action and great main characters.

A little more: Another star of this movie for me are user interfaces.  The interactive display table M and co. use to visualize data at the fictional Mi6 office is the stuff of future-possible fantasy.  It’s retro-modern slick look harkened back the motifs of the 60’s.  The fantasy Sony-Ericsson phones also looks very cool.   All together there are some nice product placements that are very in line with the movie.

Preview of the XBox Live Experience

Here’s blog entry from CNET about the new XBox Live experience.  This is supposed to be the UI big update from the XBox360 this is coming sometime for Christmas.  They are planning to add avatars and to include some community building aspects to the XBox 360 in an effort to attract more casual gamers.  I don’t know if this going to make those folks that may be casual gamers buy the XBox360 because the platform already has a solid reputation of being hard-core gaming platform.  Perhaps it may hook the non-gamers in a gamer household — the household gamer already has an XBox360.  It isn’t like the Wii, which was designed for casual gaming in the first place.  Well, I suppose the message here is that the software is the experience rather than the hardware.  I think in this case, though, the ease of use of the wii-mote complements the wii interface and facilitates casual gaming.  I can’t say that about the multi-button 360 controller.

As a hard-core gamer, I’m not sure I care about the XBox360 UI update.  For the most part when I want to play a video game, I want to get to the game as quickly as possible.  When I want to play with an avatar, then I sit down with that intention.  Now I have used the Wii for non-gaming purposes.  The Wii has some functionality that facilitates curiousity like news, weather, and the Wii vote channel.  This is in the context of the wii, though, which feels exceeding friendly and gives me warm fuzzies.  I’m not sure if I want warm-fuzzies before sitting down to a typical game I’d play on the XBox360 like “Devil May Cry 4” or “Dead or Alive.”  Sigh … well, I am looking forward to the community aspects.  I am greatly enjoying the community within “Warhammer Online” and it would be nice to play and chat with some of the people I meet within a game on XBox360 too.