HP "Dragon" — Good Job HP Shopping.com

Here’s a link to the wonderful ad that was sent to me and probably to some of you to.  The first thing that came to mind was “oooh, shiny …” And then I saw that this laptop was compared to a dragon which I guess comes from the laptops appearance due to the screen hinge.  But it’s not only the appearance, it’s the “Dragon” aspect itself — big, fast, powerful, dangerous, and full of fire.  Geez, now I want one of these too!   Anyhow, my husband and I have drooling over this laptop since it came out.  We believe it would be a great replacement for our entertainment laptop — if only the darned thing would just DIE.  But alas, that laptop hasn’t give us a problem yet (that wasn’t immediately fixed — yes, I experienced good HP customer service).  Anyhow, we love the 20-in screen because we often take our entertainment laptop on vacation with us so we can watch our favorite downloaded shows on the road.  I love now that the current special includes the HD-DVD drive (though, I’m not ready to take the plunge there yet) and the Vista upgrade. 

Anyhow, “Dragon” and, similarly, “Blackbird” are great names that capture the imagination, especially when there are style cues in the products that hint at the names.  I also like the push for style in our latest line up of computers.  I hope to see us push forward with other HP enhancements on the software level that make our computers more compelling (as opposed to that mountain of garbage ware that comes on the computers now) like the enhancements added on top of Vista for the “kitchen computer.”  (Ooh, I want a lite-version of that PC to put into the door of my fridge!  That would be cool!  I could post images, e-post-its, and bring up recipes on my fridge.  I could easily create a shopping lists and then print it out (maybe with some coupons) when I go grocery shopping.  Yep!  Nice!)