Fashion Social Sites

Here is an article about fashion social sites.  I took a look at a few of these sites and I didn’t really see an advantage over a fashion magazine.  I visited ThisNext, Kaboodle, and StyleFeeder and none of these sites enticed me to dig further.  I guess when I look at fashion, I like to see more pictures than anything.  I like to see the clothing individually and in an outfit on a model.  A social fashion site may not work for me because I don’t seek fashion advice from my friends or social circle.  I guess I tend to trust of folks that put out the fashion magazines.  With repsect to fashion magazines, I subscribe to “Lucky” and if the cover looks good, I will buy “InStyle” magazine at the grocery store.  I like how these magazines are crammed full of pictures, outfit ideas, and give the pertinent information like where to buy and price right under the picture of the item.  Also, I like getting magazines because I can look at them anywhere.  During the 3D Beowulf adventure, I brought a magazine and manga to read in line and for the long wait for the projectionist to get the movie going. 


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