Transcript of Kindle Discussion

Here’s an interesting discussion about Amazon’s Kindle device.  The folks participating in this discussion make some interesting points about how they are less impressed by the Kindle device itself and think that Amazon missed the target by not offering Kindle as a device agnostic service.  However, this feeling is tempered by DRM and the thought that creating the device provides the DRM layer that protects content generators.  It’s an interesting discussion to read.  Enjoy!

Getting a Read on Amazon’s New Kindle

On November 19, CEO Jeff Bezos announced the launch of an e-book device called Kindle. It weighs 10.3 ounces, costs $399 and can be used without a computer, offering instead a free, high-speed wireless data network from Sprint. Users can download books in less than 60 seconds, as well as newspapers, magazines and blogs (for a fee). The device uses an eye-friendly screen and lets readers increase the type size as needed. Will it be a hit, even though most other e-book efforts have been unsuccessful? We asked marketing professor Peter Fader, Don Huesman, senior director of information technology, and management professor Dan Raff to give us their reviews.

Registration is free and so far I’ve only recieved the “Bacn” I have asked for ;p.



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