Changes at My Local Best Buy

Apple and Dell have invaded my local Best Best store.  The Apple area wasn’t to my liking.  It consisted of a huge thick monolith with the Apply logo emblazened on it.  In front of the monolith was a simple table on a black carpet with 4 Apple PCs and/or laptops on it.  The back of the wall had no cubby holes or display space for other Apple products, accessories, or cross sales merchandise.  I felt it was a waste of perfectly good monolith space.  Dell had a small side of an aisle that they displayed PC’s on.  They had a small selection that consisted of a low end model, some ordinary looking PCs, and a PC will a bunch of stuff on it that looked like racing stickers, which I presume indicated some sort of gaming or high performance computer (or maybe like cars, the stickers are only for show — who knows — the aisle really didn’t grab my attention.  Dell products seriously lack style.).  HP had separate areas for PCs and laptops.  The other thing I noticed is that the shelf height was drastically lowered.  Boxes with computers and monitors are no longer stored above the PC displays.  I’m not sure whether this is to improve the feel of the aisles, to keep people from hurting themselves grabbing heavy items from high shelves, as a “loss prevention” measure, or to prevent people from leaving without talking to a store rep once they see there is not inventory for the item they want to purchase (perhaps its all four and more).  Have any of you experienced changes at your local electronic stores?


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