Anime I am Currently Watching

Here’s list of anime that I am currently watching.  Most of these are not licensed in the US and are available fansubbed over the ususal anime bittorrent portals.

  • “Gundam Seed” — and epic gundam (giant robot), space, soap opera
  • “Rosario + Vampire” — human accidently gets accepted into a high school for monsters.  He quickly forms a harem consisting of a Vampire, a Succubus, two witches, and an ice user.  This anime is full or humor, action, romance, and a healthly doze of fan service.
  • “Spice and Wolf”  — an adventure anime rooted in economics
  • “Rental Magica” — a young man inherents a magic users service company.  The show mostly revolves around the solving of various horror mysteries and the relationship between the young President and his employees, who all lovingly call him “Shachou.”  This is an excellent series.  I highly recommend it.  I also like the opening theme song a lot.

Coming soon:  “Vampire Knight” starts up the first week April.  The manga is wildly popular in Japan and US.  I expect this to be licensed before the season is completed :(.


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