Dell Jumping into the Mini-laptop Hole Too

Okay, this so far has been my biggest laugh of the morning.  Dell plans to release a product similiar to the HP mini-laptop in June.  Come on in, Dell, the water's fine.  For our sake I would love to be eating crow on this matter at the end of the year.  Ooh, maybe Dell will put pink lids on the laptops, or how about neon colors.  I love the Paris Hilton Chihuahua reference!!!  Dell could pull this off though, if the little 'puters are priced <$300.

Heh, heh, heh … you know what kids like?  Their backpacks and bookbags.  What better way is there to show individuality than though your life's carrying case …  The same with women and their purses … and trendy men with their “man purses.”  (My Dad has one).  Do you follow?

Report: Dell to release a low-cost minilaptop


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