$10K for a Child's Birthday Party

Please try to contain yourself frugal engineers as you read this.

Each Over the Top party has a theme and is run by a team trained in child development, says Dinsfriend. Her events — from tea parties with fine china to military-themed parties led by former Marines — usually take six weeks to plan and cost as much as $10,000.


(You gotta wonder whether that purse cake is even edible.  Where do you start cutting?  Can I eat the iPod too?)

Who are these people and can we interest them in buying a $2500 AIO to enhance their family’s life?   Here’s a link to the article.


Mixed Reaction to Chocolate Covered Bacon

Tara Pangakist challenged me to try chocolate covered bacon from Voges Chocolatier.  The chocolate arrived on Wednesday and my husband and I got around to trying it last night.  I liked the chocolate covered bacon while my husband did not.  It tastes like chocolate with salty, slightly smokey bits in it — sorta of nutty in my opinion.  I enjoyed the play of salt and sweet while my husband grimmaced.  We bought some other weird chocolates to sample.  My husband enjoyed the spicy cinammon chocolate very much.  I liked it too.  I will give an update after we try the other weird chocolates over the weekend.