More on the Tiny Laptops from HP and Dell

And so the debate rages on.  I think the comments to this article are most telling.  I wonder, though, if this fails, will it seriously hurt Dell?

I'm not sure I buy the second laptop argument.  I have a laptop as a secondary computer to my big powerful PC.  I don't carry this laptop around the house though.  Rather it sits next to the big PC and I multi-task on two computers.  I've been this way since grad school — one PC to game on and the other PC to run my life (e-mail, Internet, shopping, pay bills …etc) — although in grad school, I was running numerical simulations on both computers.  Having the two greatly increased my productivity.  Lately, though, I've had to use my powerful PC to watch videos because playing hi-res videos requires a lot of processing power and memory.

Either way, I still think 10 -12-in with full functionality at ~$500 is the better way to go than a wimpy mini.  Thinner and lighter should be the vector rather than a small footprint.

Here's a link

Tiny notebooks from Dell and HP marching their way to your lap


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